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The Copper Field: The Standard and Poor EP

The Copper Field: The Standard and Poor EP

The Copper Field Digital Release of "The Standard and Poor's EP"
Friday, June 24
The Aster Cafe
w/Christian and Jon of Blue Sky Blackout
Showtime 9pm
Cover $5.00

The Copper Field-The Standard and Poor’s EP.

Sweet and heartfelt, The Copper Field concoct a delicious brew reminiscent of Dylan, Elliot Smith, the Byrds, and even George Jones. This is music you’d listen to after your heart got broken when you want to revel in your sadness and also use as fuel to overcome that pain. Cathartic. This collection of somber songs was not designed to get your ass shaking. Mining the depths of the human soul and the consequences of daring to do
anything as foolish as falling in love, The Standard and Poor’s EP sums up the highs and lows of life. It’s the scale by which we measure our time here on this world, with underlying themes of love, remorse, and hope.

Pleading vocals yearn for better times. Listen to it in a dark room with your eyes closed so you can watch the radiant wonders of your imagination playing within your subconscious mind. It will provide the salve you need after too many long nights and after parties. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a 5 in the morning dawn breaking walk home when you are unsure how much of a fool you made of yourself the night before.

The Copper Field deftly use all the tricks of the trade passed down from generations of musicians, but they tap into empathy in a way that can elicit an emotional response in the manner of traditional storytellers. This is a great first offering of reflective musical poetry well worth the price of admission.

The Copper Field is:
Michael Grey (of Mercurial Rage): Lead Vocals and Guitar
Joe Christenson (formerly of White Light Riot): Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals and Piano

Lyrics and Music by Michael Grey
Music performed by The Copper Field
Recorded at the Christenson Casa January-April 2011
Piano on "Desire" and "Matilda" tracked at The Pearl
Percussion on "Desire" and "Matilda" by David Jarnstrom
Additional backing vocals by Alicia Wiley Booking Info:
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Joe Christenson

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