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Jo Williamson: Be the Man

Jo Williamson: Be the Man

1. Be the Man (free) 02:34
2. Song for You 02:51
3. Brat 01:59
4. Hedda 03:00
5. Pity 02:28
6. Riddled 01:41
7. Sky Fed Pond 03:07
8. Hungry Love 04:09
9. So Long 02:29

"Be the Man" is a post modern meditation and expression on love and loss. An Army Brat Jo, was born in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and spent her childhood moving all over the United States and Europe living on different military bases with her family.

released 01 January 2011
Produced by Martha Wainwright.
Brad Albetta on bass, moog & vocals
Thomas Bartlett on piano, keyboards & organ
Jim Campilongo on electric guitar
Bryan Devendorf on drums
Rob Moose on guitar
Mario Viele on vocals
Martha Wainwright on vocals
Doug Wieselman on saxophone & clarinet
Jo Williamson on vocals & acoustic guitar

Cd Photo & Design: Mirelle Borra

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