Pink Mountaintops at Turf Club, St Paul (02 June 2022)

  1. Comas
  2. The Second Summer of Love
  3. Leslie
  4. Sell Your Soul
  5. Tourist in Your Town
  6. Nikki Go Sudden
  7. Plastic Man, You're the Devil
  8. I (F***) Mountains
  9. While We Were Dreaming
  10. Lights of The City
  11. Sweet '69
  12. Holiday
  13. The Walk - Song for Amy
  14. Can You Do That Dance?

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Pink Mountaintops
The “trippy country meets stoner rock” of Vancouver’s Pink Mountaintops is the birthing baby of Stephen McBean. Stephen is also the singer, songwriter and guitarist for Black Mountain, a personal fav band ....
Ashley Shadow
Ashley Shadow to open. Tour Dates: 5.08 - Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon 5.18 - Quebec City, QC @ L’Anti 5.20 - Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB 5.21 - Ottawa, ON @ Rainbow Bistro ....

Vancouver’s Pink Mountaintops ended their North American tour with a stop at St Paul’s Turf Club, in support of his latest album Peacock Pools (ATO Records).

Added to the bill a couple of weeks prior to the show was local act, Transcendental Strangers?. The Minneapolis-based psychedelic band described themselves as Dr. Beard on vocals, Theremin on keys, Cody Lamb on guitars, Mark Miller on drums, and Saadman Maheer on bass.

They played tracks from their new album, From the Other Side of Time, but added a new track they were working on. It officially doesn’t have a title, but Dr Beard was calling it “Cookie Goat”.

They ended their 30-min set with a song called “Polyester”, dedicated and inspired by director John Waters (who directed the film Polyester). Thankfully, the song did not feature any Smellovision, as the original film featured a gimmick called Odorama, where audience can smell what they see on the movie screen using scratch and sniff cards.

Next up was Vancouver’s Ashley Shadow; the band is touring in support of Only The End (Felte Records). The new album featured the single “Don’t Slow Me Down”, which featured Bonnie “Prince” Billy (aka Will Oldham). Despite a depressing title of the album, it’s actually a more upbeat record, as Ashley explained, “I wanted to make a more upbeat album, something you could play with some friends over. Some of the songs I wrote were initially bummers, but when we went to record them, we lightened them up.”

Highlight of Shadow’s set had a guest appearance by Pink Mountaintops’ Stephen McBean, who came on stage to play a hand shaker.

Ashley Shadow’s next gig will be at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on October 13th.

Finally, Canada’s Pink Mountaintops closed out the show.

We previously saw Pink Mountaintops in Aug 2017 and wrote about how great he is: “He’s a metal head, progressive rock guru who makes you stare up at him like he’s Jim Baker waving us over to his cult to give up our lives…but in a really good way. He’s also proof that in these modern day, futuristic times we all reside in, you don’t need a bassist, drummer or backup vocalist…you can do everything yourself onstage with a little help from gnarly pedals, playback recordings and effects. It seems he’s perhaps mellowed out a bit since the sounds of his last LP Get Back, instilling more relaxed and cathartic melodies. His guitar solo in the track ‘I (f***) Mountains’, my god, he’s worth seeing just for that. It’s just beyond killer.”

For this live tour, bandleader Stephen McBean, is joined on stage by additional guitarist/vocalist Emily Rose, bassist Kliph Scurlock, and drummer Tygh Runyan (former drummer for The Flaming Lips). If Emily Rose looks and sound familiar, that’s because she previously drummed for Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, but in 2015, she started her own band Blue Rose Rounders, but later changed it to Emily Rose and the Rounders.

They’re a good live band, after all, being the last show on the tour, they have the timing and fog machine down to a T.

Even though the tour is for their new album Peacock Pools, only a handful of songs were played from the new record, which included “ Nikki Go Sudden”, “Lights of The City”, and “The Walk - Song For Amy”. It’s understandable, as Pink Mountaintop’s last album was over eight years ago (Get Back in 2014), so the group played a selection of tracks from their discography.

Pink Mountaintops’ latest album, Peacock Pools, is available now on ATO Records.

Transcendental Strangers?

Transcendental Strangers?

Transcendental Strangers?

Ashley Shadow

Ashley Shadow

Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops at Turf Club, St Paul (02 June 2022)

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