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Uh, Sonny Rollins did NOT die....Sonny WEST did. You have the script correct but the album cover totally wrong. Sonny Rollins is alive & well at aged 92!!!!


3 Greek singers died in a few days only__You don't have them in your list --- Martha Karagianni 82 died at 18 September - movie actres, dancer & singer)............IRENE PAPAS 93, died at 14 September - movie acttres & singer (sing in Vangelis album).......STAMATIS KOKOTAS 85 died at 1 October - popular Greek singer..

Charlie Floyd

I believe you should include Angela Lansbury, who passed away October 11, 2022. She would even be deserving of a yellow highlight.

Charlie Floyd

Also, of note, would be the passing of David Muse on August 6, 2022. David was a multi-instrumentalist who played keyboards, flute, saxophone and harmonica for Firefall. He appeared on all of their most successful albums from 1976-1980, including on their biggest hits (i.e. "You Are The Woman", "Cinderella", "Just Remember I Love You" and "Strange Way"). He, also, recorded and performed with other artists such as The Marshall Tucker Band and Bertie Higgins.


D.H. Peligro, drummer for The Dead Kennedys died October 28, 2022 and still not listed as of November 4. C'mon guys, this obit was listed everywhere!


Hasse Burman swedish singer died Oct 27 His hits was Vi flytt int and Åh Maria.

Charlie Floyd

A yellow highlight would be appropriate for Dan McCafferty of "Nazareth". You correctly highlighted Manny Charlton (the band's guitarist) when he passed in July.

Chris Van Uden

Henny Vrienten of famous dutch band Doe Maar died April 25th, 2022.


Chris, he's listed in April 2022:


Please fix the link on the Louise Tobin notice. Thanks!


Olivia Newton-John???


Jet Black, drummer of the Stranglers, died on December 6th.

Rod Stasick

Manuel Göttsching on December 4

Rod Stasick

Please fix link for Manuel Göttsching's obit.
Also, it is "of E2-E4" and not "for E2-E4."


Kelly Michael Durham (24) died when his motorcycle was his by a reckless driver. He was an accomplished horn player, vocalist, banjo and guitarist. He love and played Bluegrass music. He had just taken a teaching position in LaRue County Kentucky. He leaves behind his parents, brothers, and fiancée.

Ian Watson

Martin Duffy of Primal Scream and Felt died on December 18th. A big omission from the Dec list.

Ian Watson

Also Maggie Thrett, who released the funk single 'Soupy' in 1965. She also recorded under her birth name of Diane Pine, but was best known as an actress - she was in the original Star Trek series in the episode "Mudd's Women", I Dream Of Jeannie, and others.

Ian Watson

Sorry, neglected to mention that Maggie Thrett also died on Dec 18th.


Co-founder of culture houses like Paradiso, Melkweg. Fluxus, avant-garde music maker, master storyteller, radio maker, and so much more.


After a brief illness, Willem De Ridder died at 83. An announcement on his own website.

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