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Steve Guthrie

I love this forum !

Paul Schwartzberg

January has already been bad, now Rachel Lee Nagy of Detroit Cobras can be added to the list:

John Cox

R Dean Taylor, Motown songwriter who had a hit of his own with “Indiana Wants Me,” passed away on Jan 7.

Phil Horneman

Saxophonist Ray Gaskins passed away on January 20th at the age of 62.

Phil Horneman

Soul singer Freddie Hughes (79) January 18

Phil Horneman

Singer and drummer Lew Kirton passed away January 22nd

John Cox

Sister Janet Mead who had a 1974 hit with her rock version of “The Lord’s Prayer” passed away Jan. 26

Jayne Hanley

Fredrick Johannson died of cancer January 25. Former guitarist for metal band Dark Tranquillity.

Charles Spellen


How can you miss Gary Brooker from Procol Harum Died Febr 19

Phil Horneman

Passed away on Feb 19

Phil Horneman

Jamal Edwards passed away on Feb 20th


Keaton Pierce, lead singer of Too Close to Toych, around about March 26. His vocals were insane. Surprised he didn't grab more attention with his passing


*Too Close To Touch. Apologies. Big fingers, small keyboard.


Tommy Tausis died 30 March. Drummer for Swedish Tages And Spotnicks


Lennart "lelle" Hegland of Hep Stars Died 13 April Benny Anderssons 60s group.

Antonio Carvalho

David Freel, vocalist, guitarist, lead and founding member of Swell, died at 64. Their 90s albums are still amazing.
Born January 31th, 1958, died April 12th.


You missed Glenn Wheatley who passed away on 1st February 2022 with COVID. Wheatley was the bass player in Masters Apprentice and later became manager for Little River Band, John Farnham and Delta Goodrem.


I hope whoever keeps up this page didnt die :`(

s polk

Vangelis doesn't get a "yellow banner"? VANGELIS!


Please add Magdalena Silvestra, a UK based trance singer, songwriter and the owner of the Verse Recordings Label. Cause of death: pancreatic cancer.


Name correction: it is Magdalen Silvestra. Sorry for the typo. SHe passed around June, 11th.

Don McParlan

Susan jacks, Canadian singer, of kidney failure April 26,2022


Uh, Sonny Rollins did NOT die....Sonny WEST did. You have the script correct but the album cover totally wrong. Sonny Rollins is alive & well at aged 92!!!!

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