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You Missed Des O'Connor died Nov 14 2020 Had a No 1 UK hit.

Phil Horneman

Stanley 'Stan' Wade of The Trammps passed away on January 13th according to band members.

Phil Horneman

London DJ/producer Phil Asher passed away on January 22nd 2021

Kaptin Barrett

Singing Sandra from Trinidad "the mother if Calypso"

Charlie Floyd

Michael Stanley passed away Friday, March 5, after a 7 month battle with lung cancer. He was successful throughout the Midwest with songs like "Rosewood Bitters", "Let's Get The Show On The Road", "My Town", "He Can't Love You", "Last Night", "Promises", "Hearts On Fire", "All I Ever Wanted", "Strike Up The Band", "Don't Stop The Music", "In The Heartland", "Misery Loves Company", "Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind", "One Good Reason", "Say Goodbye", etc., etc... Although he enjoyed the greatest popularity in his hometown of Cleveland, OH, where he was also a drive time DJ, he was an icon and a legend to Rock 'N' Roll fans in St. Louis, MO. He was a member of the KSHE 95 Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame and all of the aforementioned songs were certified KSHE Classics.

Steve Guthrie

Wow !

Huge gap between Feb 24th and March 12, 2021 this year.

Nobody died in music during those almost 3-weeks ??

Phil Horneman

I find a bit disturbing that 'a still developing story' about rapper DMX is added in the 'Musicians who died in 2021' section as he is not dead yet! Could you please, out of respect to him, his family, close friends and fans delete that message? Thank you.

Steve Wallace

Did the individuals updating this site die?


Is there anybody there said the traveller


No one died from April 24 to May 8. Maybe Lloyd Price is still alive.

Leon Muston

Mojalefe 'Mjokes' Matsane, member of South African kwaito group, Trompies, and also known as a record producer died in a car accident on 23 May , 2021.


Lloyd Price dead May 3 How can you miss him ???

Charlie Floyd

Your site appears to have missed guitarist and vocalist, Jon Mark, of the “Mark-Almond” band, back on February 10. “Mark-Almond” was a jazz influenced English pop group of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Their most popular and most recognized songs, at least in the Midwest of the United States, were “The City” and “What Am I Living For”. He also toured and recorded with John Mayall’s post-Bluesbreakers band and appears on Mayall’s most recognized recording of “Room To Move”, along with future eponymous band mate, Johnny Almond.


I added Jon Mark to the Feb page:

Charlie Floyd

Paul Cotton, the longtime vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Poco, passed away on July 31, 2021, less than four months after the death of his bandmate, Rusty Young. Paul was an integral part of Poco, having written some of their most popular and fan-favorite songs including, "Heart Of The Night", "Under The Gun", "Indian Summer", "Barbados", "Legend" and "Bad Weather". He was also a member of The Illinois Speed Press before he joined Poco and wrote their most popular song, "P.N.S. (When You Come Around)", which Poco would later re-record for their album, "Rose Of Cimarron".

Saturnia Corybant

Olli Wisdom

1958 - August 23, 2021

s. polk

Not sure why Julz Sale of Delta 5 (Sept22) was not included in latest update. And still no listing for Yoshi Wada in May (which is criminal for this (or any) musicians' deaths site.


The September listing shows the month of August when pressing the link. Could you please fix this?

Kirk Swenson


Andrew Barker of 808 State

9 March 1968 – 6 November 2021


Evette Benton (The Sweethearts) passed away on Nov 6, 2021

Phil Horneman

Flutist and poet Lloyd McNeill died on Nov 5, 2021

NOTE: in the article it says Oct 5th which is not correct. Nov 5th is right according to his wife/widow


John Lawton (singer, Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep, the Les Humphries Singers)died on June 29th.


Rusty Young April 14th, 2021 Poco


Need to add Bill Staines.

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