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Gabriel Paal

You don't have it here, but I was at the following show and he cut it short after about 6 songs. The announcement said that "security is keeping the fans too far from Morrissey and he's too distraught to continue." Ugh. No refund, of course.
1991-06-27 Cincinnati, Ohio Riverbend Theater


Regarding Cincinnati 1991, according to Passions Just Like Mine, it appears Morrissey played a 15-song set but did not return for an encore. I'll try and see if there are other reports of a shorten set... Let me know [email protected]

Passions link:


Thank you for this list, I was supposed to go to the Washington DC show tonight at the Anthem and I'm just doom scrolling now and mourning his cancellation. Regarding the 2012/2013 cancelled dates--I did in fact see him in 2013! I believe it was in early January and it was in Maryland at the Strathmore Arts Center, rescheduled from the original 12/7/12. Unbelievable show, unbelievable voice, I'll always love Moz.


Agree with previous comment, I was at the Cincinnati show in 1991. He said he was unhappy with security and walked off stage mid show. No warning, apologies or refunds


Yep Bigmouth strikes out again. Perth, Australia gig cancelled on the day of the concert.
Logistical problems. Apparently we will be refunded.
I wont be wasting any more time or money on Morrissey.
BTW. Saw Johnny Marr in Fremantle a couple of years back. He never had a voice, but was great and turned up.
Don't bother coming back to Australia. I doubt any promoter would touch you..


Quick correction for 2014: The Boston show did occur:

This is a fascinating walk down memory lane.


Thank you, I have removed Boston 2014 from the listing. It's weird that all the dates in June 2014 were cancelled... except for Boston.

Melanie McConville

You missed the 1991 sydney show cancelled at the horden pavilion.


1991 the Albany show was at the Palace. My uncle had tickets haha he said it’s the only time he’s ever been in the building


Just cancelled Auckland New Zealand. I had no idea he did this all the time. What is it? Can he just not be bothered?


Just cancelled LA and Orange County "We are the Quarry" shows

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