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An Epoch is a geologic period of time. These geologic periods of time are named based on important events that occurred in Earth's history.

The order from largest to smallest.; Eon -> Era -> Period -> Epoch

This means that an Eon is the largest section of time, while Epoch is the smallest. In a similar way I could say.

Month -> Week -> Day -> Hour each one represents a section of much smaller time.

Example: The Jurassic Period. Anyone can guess why this is period is important in Earth's timeline. Dinosaurs!

The Jurassic period is made up of 3 epochs, also the Jurassic is a part of the much larger Era the Mesozoic which is the era that Dinosaurs ruled Earth.

Given the plot of the game and how we move through the past and future the name starts to make more sense.

Hope that helps.

-A Geologist that is also a gamer.

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