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Josh M Bron'owel

That sucks...
For A place the size of the Twins, one would think there would be A Toy Show &/or Mini Comic-con bi monthly (wether twice A month or 1 show every other month, it matters not).

There's plenty of smaller metro areas across the US that regularly have shows. But not in MPLS / ST.PAUL. Smh, It's all too bad! Like the glaring lack of - No Toy stores in the Twins metro area. Such A sin. And speaking of sin, this is all happening right when people are finally waking up to the financial scam & Massive Exaggeration that was Covid (Thousands of Dollars via the 'Cares act' to any hospital per every positive test). And the subsequent Plan-demic, foretold by both Hilary & the Netflix documentary; both w/ in days prior too The World Health organization's "global epidemic" announment.
Coincidence.... Lmao!

Anyhow, Best of Luck to everyone moving forward. Thanks for All your hard work. We appreciate it!

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