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Adam Jandro

Oh my gosh this person is a very sad disoriented person. The event was probabaly all and more of what the people participating within it expected to be. The venue was warm and welcoming. And more then yhay they probably had thousands of golden age comics not just hundreds.. thank you mcba. GREAT. GREAt EVENT!


I wholeheartedly agree with Adam. Terrible review of an amazing event. My first year and I can't wait for the next. There were most certainly hundreds of golden age available, and the vendors were generous in their final pricing, upon purchase, and so helpful with what I was looking for, and more. Amazingly talented artists as well. Everyone was so kind and I didn't see anyone not having a great time. Learn to tell the difference between events before deciding to use it as a tool for negatively reviewing a place you clearly didn't even spend time actually engaging in, any further than your little walk around to survey the area anyway. I highly recommend this event!!

King Michael

I wanted to check it out, but couldn't. My busy schedule wouldn't allow me the time.

It was clear to me it was a small show, but it's about three months before the spring comic book show of choice in the Twin Cities. (That would be the show at the state fairgrounds. You're welcome to shell out money to spend more money to meet the Monkees, or parade around in a cosplay prom, but that doesn't make it a comic book show.) With three months until the annual fun at the state fairgrounds, I'd like a chance to hit up smaller shows a few times per year. I hope I can finally make it to this show next year. I don't expect prime rib at McDonald's prices.

Too bad it was such a disappointment for you.

mike tickal

We were supposed to be at this show. We carry a LOT of golden age comics. The REAL Blizzard did prevent this. Hope to see you at the next show they have! Mike Tickal, Oak Leaf Collectibles, 221 North Federal, Mason City, IA 50401 www.dustcatchers.com

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