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VHS had an unusually long lifespan. So the catalog is huge and lots of films are lost. (as of seeing some, there is a reason that they get lost... alot of them are bad). DVD is great, but it's lifespan is alot shorter, people have already moved on the streaming or bluray. Eventually everything will be in the cloud or a harddrive, and the awareness of not physically owning stuff is what I really took away from it. I stream Netflix, and films in my queue disappear before I have a chance to watch them. Also VHS is cheap, so If you have a dollar in your pocket you can get about 2-5 VHS's at a local thrift shop. I also dislike how they say bluray is redundant or lame. Bluray is made for collectors, with best picture and audio, and it's physical. It's probally the last physical format we'll see.

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