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Jimi, your take on vinyl record collecting and the current trends in the industry is quite insightful. It's unfortunate about your experience with the SodaStream, and I appreciate the heads-up. Regarding vinyl, I completely agree that the resurgence of records is a great thing for music enthusiasts, but the exploitation by major labels is a real concern. The example of Geffen's 'In Utero' reissue perfectly illustrates how fans can feel taken advantage of with these high-priced editions. Your approach to supporting bands by picking up affordable 7" records at shows is commendable and something I hadn't considered. It's a great way to balance being a collector and a supporter of the music you love.

I'm curious, have you found any particularly memorable records at shows that you'd recommend? Also, the point about ensuring vinyl purchases include downloadable MP3s is very valid, especially in the age where not everyone owns a record player. It's a shame about the expired downloads you've encountered; it's something I'll be more cautious about in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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