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Thank you for your thoughtful review. You mention a few things that I've seen before, but you *really address them* rather than just make a pronouncement, and I appreciate that. As for the band not being easy to peg down, well yes, they're not. I think that's a good thing. They do have an identity—it's a unique blend of what may seem like opposing things, but aren't. They have DIY indie beginnings (sending demos to blogs, booking their own shows), though obviously they're on a major label now. Their music at times sounds "alternative," but since their songs are relatable and fans like to sing along, I guess that makes them more mainstream. As for genre, they've had angst-laced punk rock tunes, epic stadium anthems, and "orchestral folk ballads." Lyrically and musically they're far more poetic and sophisticated than most of what's out there, which is why they continue to impress me.

As for their shows being choreographed, yes they do that. There will always be spontaneous, unplanned moments, but after 800+ gigs and with certain venues and their regulations, they probably need to have some sort of basic plan, so club security doesn't freak. Mikel and Anna both have a penchant for stage diving and wading out into the audience, and Mikel likes to climb stuff – not all clubs like that. They also frequently switch off on instruments and move around a lot, so I would guess some stage choreography is necessary so that band members don't fall all over each other.

The choice of songs for the encore is purely fan-driven. There are always tons of requests for "Book of Love" and likewise for "Graveyard." Ending with "Missy" is such an Airborne tradition, I'm starting to dislike the song because I know that means the show is almost over. And yes, the covers chosen are among their favorites—it's a celebration of artists who have inspired them, and I think is also a snapshot of where they are at that moment. Thanks again for your words, and here are a few of mine, about the new album - bit.ly/Z11YgS

John C

nice insight and comments, Julie, and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on everything. You're right that TATE is more sophisticated and more musically ambidextrous than a lot of bands out there-- I just wanted to see more spontaneity and an immediacy to their show (a la U2 and Springsteen) that I know they have the chops to pull off. But, I haven't given up on them yet...! thanks again!


Thank you.

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