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Billy Jones Bluez

...new cd ...I'm A Bluesman

"This guy has what it takes ...the music oozes sexuality ...he is totally his own man with a show-stopping style!"

Maayan Schneider

Hello dear Whttp://weheartmusic.typepad.com/blog/arron-dean/

and thought I'd send you this of mine - a 2-minute music-recommendation video done on the one and the same Arron Dean:



Maayan Schneider
[email protected]



James Prinzi

Hey We Heart Music,

We are an LA-based band, Heartwood, in the midst of releasing a set of A-side B-side singles, the second of which is this Friday, April 10th. We reached out to you about our previous single in the series, "You Should Really Thank Me," and are following up with this one to see if you're interested in premiering or featuring us the day of the release. We've been huge fans We Heart Music for a while and thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out. Attached we have our press release, short bio, and a link to the single. Check it out and let us know if we can work something out!


New Single:

After a year of recording and rehearsing, Heartwood is set to release their first batch of thoroughly crafted music. The band will be releasing a 7” Series: 5 pairings of A-side and B-side singles, the second of which (You Should Really Thank Me/Nothing Can Do You Wrong) to be released on April 10th. The 10 songs were internally created, having been written, recorded, produced, and mixed by only the 4 members.

Heartwood is an Alternative Indie Rock band from Downtown Los Angeles. After meeting in 2013, they quickly realized that their musical energy and camaraderie was undeniable. Their influences include rock legends such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Led Zeppelin and The Beach Boys, as well as modern acts like Radiohead, The Arctic Monkeys, and Green Day. Based on a deep-rooted appreciation for their heroes of the past, the band creates their own stamp on Rock n’ Roll with a fusion of pop-oriented hooks, creative soundscaping and in-your-face trombone solos. Heartwood is on a mission to bring rock back to the forefront of music, and with these new elements they are sculpting a rock and roll of the future.

Please Contact Heartwood at: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartwoodtheband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hello_heartwood
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hello_heartwood
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heartwood-the-band

Phil Barton

Ray Columbus died 29 Nov 2016. New Zealand singer best known for song "She's A Mod".

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