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Hello from down at the bottom of the Mississippi River, since you’re apparently up near the top. I guess Chan and Guy are good pals because I saw Entrance (solo) open for Cat Power (solo) at the House Of Blues Parish in New Orleans in Sept. 2004. His shock of hair was impressive, but I was so irritated by what I saw as his bummer-folk shtick that I left after about 4 songs* & walked a few blocks to the short-lived Virgin Megastore & listened to a mid-‘80s Siouxsie & The Banshees used CD, which I didn’t like. Chan’s long, meandering set was… interesting. She didn’t play any “hits.” She did the first half of one of my favorites, “Keep On Runnin’,” after I spent about an hour trying to telepathically beg her to play it. (This totally made my month, but since it did evidently work, I got freaked out & have never tried that again.) It was probably a lot of hip / obscure cover songs, likely a few being repetitive NOLA soul & R&B tunes that singers like her and countless others worldwide claim to love. (I once read some article in which Chan called Mary J. Blige her idol.) She stopped many songs and randomly restarted them later, or even did them twice, and made her usual apologies to the crowd for being, in her eyes, untalented, a waste of our time, stupid, etc., & saying things like “You all hate me.” I could finally see the tales of her mental instability were true. This was a month before her equally-frustrating & meandering Speaking For Trees DVD came out. I had missed a show by her in summer ‘97 at the tiny Mermaid Lounge, w/ Two Dollar Guitar (Steve from Sonic Youth). At that show, she allegedly turned her back to the crowd and read from the newspaper through the mic at one point. I did see her one other time, in late ‘13, with a full band I believe, also in NOLA. She seemed much more confident, had no apology issues, & wore a Wu-Tang Clan shirt.
(*I also walked out on Oval – just a bored-looking guy “playing” his laptop – while opening for Tortoise in the same city in May ‘98. I found it insulting, but in hindsight wish I had stayed for his full set.)

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