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Alex Hicks

This is the greatest, most informative show review I've ever read.. Thank you! Now I feel like I was actually there! I TOO share your hatred of the accordion!

Falex Schricks

I felt as though the information contained in this review was useful, like a slap bracelet or a vcr rewinder. Did the songs have lyrics and stuff?


Everybody hates accordions - and the people who play them!

Kyle From Skypiper

Hi - My boyfriend Luke and I had a really nice night. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!

Wet feet are not swamp feet!

Alex, your tongue is stuck in your cheek. ;)

Wet feet are not swamp feet!

Kyle, when did you slide out of the closet and onto the rainbow rug with Luke!?

Slap bracelet usefulness. Great analogy.

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