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good luck. The NME loves them, but I've heard thier records suck, but maybe they're a good live band.


i love their self-titled latest album :)


The singer is a bit of a show-off who likes to voice his opinion about this and that. That always makes for good headlines in the NME. So press darlings, they are. Oh, and they have a swede in their line-up - just wanted to add my scandinavian touch to this one :-) Music-wise? Next band, please!


yeah, it's not really my cup of tea, razorlight. they seem a little cockish (excuse the pun). it seems like they rather play a bigger venue (the venue they played at is only 400 person maximum capacity?) and there was no audience interaction.i thought mohair (or is that mo'hair as in more hair) was pretty good though. they sort of remind me of a 70s rock opera band, their last song as all-about-freddy mercury (queen).i think i'm going to actually pay money to see el perro del marr tomorrow :(


(sorry, as you are aware, I don't listen to modern music anymore!)*giggles* neither do I! And I don't like Keane either, though I'll admit I've heard very little of them.


when i first heard about razorlight, and heard the demos that were floating around the internet+ i think first 2 singles were really really good. i got the first album and wished i hadn't. it's an overproduced piece of shit. i haven't paid them any attention since. i never bothered to see them live because any band that had their soud so neutered and still became media darlings totally not worth it


I don't think they sound like Keane - they're not a favourite band of mine - chart toppers here in the UK.

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