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(Perhaps someone on this blog can edit and add the Lucious Jackson song in this entry for me?)done.-randy


[this is good] Ahhh... one of my all-time favorite albums. I've posted about it before. Lucious Jackson was actually a basketball player. They added the "s" to Luscious Jackson for the band name. Yes, Jill Cunniff has a solo record out that I haven't heard yet but I keep meaning to pick up. And the band announced they are reforming and working on a new record (a children's record I think), plus a greatest hits is due out. This is the only record I have by them- it was produced by Daniel Lanois, and is just incredible.


$2.95? This was such a great song that broke a terribly underrated band. And now a bargain bin cast off? For shame!(Great find tho')


[this is good] still one of my favorite songs after all these years...I didn't know they were from Philly though...!


$2.95 is about right for this album. I'm a big LJ fan, but the lo-fi-ness that permeates this album is a little too raw, even for me. Electric Honey takes the same musicians (minus the keyboard player) and throws in some late 90s electronica. They also did a song for Titan A.E. (their last, I think) which is pretty head-bobbable.


Great band...weren't they also discovered by the Beastie Boys? Or they helped get them started? I vaguely remember hearing that when they're first album came out and the first single...I think it was "Citysong"


off the top of my head I want to say that the Luscious Jackson drummer played drums either on a few Beastie Boys albums, or was their live drummer on tour.I actually first heard about them when they guest-started on Pete and Pete. They played a school dance, and they played Down Here, I think it was called.


pete pete ! 3 michael stipe and juliana hatfield were regulars on that show.


re: safari browser.

Try firefox in Mac OS X. Vox and Safari don't play nice just yet. Sad, really.

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