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Angry Tiki

[this is good] He's one of the most underappreciated forces in Rock 'n Roll history. He deserves any recognition that he comes his way.


[this is good] Great for Rodney. I love singing his theme song and imitating the instruments that are playing too! ThoughI can't play drums or guitar very well with my mouth.


[this is good] those were the best days of kroq


[this is good] "..one of the world's most famous radio DJ..". I think you forgot to add "..in the US.." :-) I've never heard of him! But according to the list, he seems to have exposed the US to lots of great music. So good job, Rodney!Now John Peel, on the other hand, he is REALLY a world famous DJ. Alright then, let's add "..in Europe..", well, make that "...in UK.." :-)


[this is good] he's definitely a living legend; i remember tuning in to rodney on the roq in high school. =]


Props on covering Rodney! I love this song:) I don't know why but it's definitely my angry-fun-in-the-car song.


I remember Rodney from the late '70's. He certainly had his finger onL.A's musicalpulse.
To me, Rodney and Dramarama seems like rather a late pairing!


[this is good] Rodney is godhead, alright!


[this is good] great local band and DJ... my band just did a cover of this song (i think we did it justice) myspace.com/vale

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