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[this is good] Or rather, this is
Good Shit!


[this is good] I've been searching for the lyrics to that song, Houston Hash, for a long time! Do you have them, or do you know where I can find them? I can't even figure out what Johnny Cash album it was recorded on. It's like it doesn't exist.


Transcribed by vu:I drive a truck from Baton Rouge to Houstonand I get mighty hungry all the waybut I don't slow down for truck stopsnot even look around for the lawand I don't even stop for the scalesThere's a little old woman that waits for me in HoustonShe cooks a recipe that I really likeShe uses canned tomatoes, ground beef and onions tooand she mixes it all up with a cup of riceShe takes the ground beef and onions and nice green peppersand she puts them in a panand cooks them until they look really greatAnd then she mixes it all together with a little chili peppersome tomatoes and some sauceand she puts it in the oven to bakeBy the time she hears my air breaks in the front yardShe's got that Houston Hash all nice and browncos she knows I've got a craving all my hunger that I've been savingand I almost risk a crash for Houston Hashyes I almost risk a crash for Houston Hash




I still cannot find any record of the original Cash track... any search on the 'net leads you right back to Cornershop. It's really odd because it definitely sounds like him!


You may be right, regarding not actually a Johnny Cash song. You can hear the track at http://weheartmusic.typepad.com/blog/2008/02/johnny-cash-houston-hash.html (click on the image of Cash).


Aw, it was available in a 7" flexi from 1970... it is indeed by Johnny Cash: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2015/06/johnny-cash-and-friends-present-singing-rice-ipes-mp3s.html


The article had an update that it's an impersonator.

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