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I take it you are another who was on the Blur side of the fence then?


Of course, I have this album when they first released it. Everyone thought it was so 'american sounding'. Which is ... different at the time. Oasis was doing their beatles impersonation. British bands were, being british and writing songs about the motorways and pubs.Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I did cover graham before, and I generally like his stuff. I have to say that "You're so Great" is ... it's such a different song on the album. As if it didn't really belong there. Plus it sounded like it was sung in a bathroom at a hotel. And he SOUNDS weird.

The Dude

I must say that I'm a HUGE Blur fan. One of the things I like the most about them is that they managed to made each album sound almost totally different from each of the others. I enjoy the evolution of the band. I honestly didn't like the "Blur" album that much when it came out, but I guess that is because I thought that "Great Escape" was one of their best. "Blur" has really grown on me, and I really enjoy it now. I'd pick "Beetlebum" as my favorite track though. It is crazy to think that music from a band this sophisticated made it into the pop charts...


actually, being a ten year old american at the time, I can say that I wasn't...


I see! Well I had the advantage of being a slightly older (cough, cough) resident of the U.K.


Modern Blur Are Rubbish (without Graham), but Graham's solo material isn't that hot either. Blur and 13 are definitely their absolute peak.

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