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Well they certainly CAPTURE Palo Alto. It's were I live, or rather, next door in Menlo Park. I've lived on either in or next door to Palo Alto for over 30 years. I watched the rise of silicon valley and the makings of many millionares just from being at the right company at the right time. It truly is a "beautiful bomshell" especially for all the kids who grew up here with their parents working the dream of making millions while spending every penny they make just to live here. (average home 2 bed/1bath well over a million dollars now)And on the millionares that silcon valley has made (the ones I know personally) - money gave them the opportunity to step off the merry go round. It gave each of them one less thing to worry about and added 10 more things to worry about.It is indeed a blessing and a curse.


My friend loves this song. She's from East Palo Alto, which is the hood, apparently. It was sort of like being on the outside looking in.


yeah - East Palo and the area of Menlo Park I live in BOTH USED to be part of Palo Alto. The town annexed both out. My area of Menlo Park is not that different than Palo Alto, but East Palo Alto has had a bad rep for a long long time. Many homicides and drug relates crimes there. Its just over the freeway from where I am. EPA has changed DRAMATICALLY over the years. There is a shopping center (with Ikea, Best Buy, Home Depot, McDonalds etc - in an area where it did not feel safe to drive through at night before.


i used to live in california (fresno), and i don't think i've ever gone through palo alto - although i now want to take a picture of the city sign now....

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